About us

In 2010 we became the proud owners of Dine with the Dutch. It has given us a lot of inspiration ever since. We know each other from work for an engineering company, where Michiel worked as a Civil Engineer and Hanneke as an Archaeologist. After a long term relationship we remained friends and continued with Dine with the Dutch. Through Dine with the Dutch we had the luck to get in touch with all the great and fun people, all over the world, and to match them with our wonderful hosts who we all know personally. Even though we are not present at most of the Home Dinners we feel very much rewarded when we receive the enthusiastic and grateful responses from both guests and hosts after another great evening.

Interested in a Home Dinner? You can fill in the booking form on this website. We will contact you as soon as we found you a perfect match. Do you have questions or want to share something with us, please fill out the form or send us an email at: info@dinewiththedutch.nl.

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Hanneke and Michiel

Hou je van koken en vind je het leuk om andere mensen te ontmoeten? Je kunt de gasten en jezelf een onvergetelijke avond bieden door host te worden bij Dine with the Dutch. Tijdens een Home Dinner ben je zelf een avond op reis! In de praktijk blijkt dat de gasten een zeer grote voorkeur hebben voor een Home Dinner in de Randstad. Als je hier meer over wilt weten vul het formulier in of stuur ons een email: info@dinewiththedutch.nl.

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