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Contact details

Dine with the Dutch
+31 (0) 649 277 073

Personal data that we process (part 1)

Dine with the Dutch processes your data because you are using our services and/or because you are providing us with your data. We process the following data:

  • First name and surname, gender, address, location in Amsterdam, E-mail address and other personal data (interests, age, etc)
  • Other data that you actively provide us with, in correspondence with us over the phone via the contact form on our website or email.

Personal data that we process (part 2)

Dine with the Dutch works with a payment provider named MultiSafepay, that enables you to pay for your experience

Therefore, MultiSafepay collects:

  • Credit card information in order to process your payment
  • MultiSafepay website has its own privacy statement:

If I log on to their system (requiring an additional password), I am able to see some of the information you provided to the credit card company (for eg) in order to process your payment.

How and why we process your personal data

Dine with the Dutch processes your personal data for the following reasons:

  • So we can learn about future visitors to Netherlands and Dine with the Dutch to personalize your experience
  • To set you up with the right Dine with the Dutch host

How long and why we keep hold of personal data

Dine with the Dutch keeps your personal records for two years in case the client has questions about the services being provided.

Sharing personal data with third parties

Dine with the Dutch does not sell your personal data to third parties and will only provide information if this is needed to fulfil the agreement you signed with us or to comply with legal requirements. We sign a processor agreement with the companies that we commission to process your data to ensure the same level of confidentiality of your data. Dine with the Dutch remains responsible for processing of the data.

Cookies or comparable technology that we use

Dine with the Dutch only uses technical, functional and non-(privacy) invasive analytical cookies. A cookie is a small text file that will be stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit our website. The cookies we use are necessary for the technical functions of our website and for your convenience. They make sure the website works properly and keeps track of your website preference. This also allows us to optimize the website. You can switch off this function by setting a non-cookie storage preference on your internet browser. Besides that, you can also delete all information that was placed earlier through the settings of your browser.

Reviewing, adapting or deleting personal data

You have the right to review, adapt or delete personal data. You are entitled to withdraw your permission for us to process your data or to object to Dine with the Dutch processing

your data. You are also entitled to object to data transfers. To do so you can file a request to us to send our computer files to you, or a person or organisation of your choice.

You can file a request for reviewing, adapting or deleting, transferring your data or withdrawing your permission to process personal data to

How we protect personal data

Dine with the Dutch takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted publicity and improper amendment.

If you feel that your data is not properly protected or have indications of misuse, please contact Dine with the Dutch via